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Scrap is a substance or object that is thrown away by the owner.

Srap from production and service activities represents the bulk of all collected waste. We primarily operate on the market as suppliers of raw materials for steel and iron works. We are aware that the economical handling of scrap and its reuse is essential for faster achievement of the goals of the transition to a green society and a circular economy. In the company, we have a license to be a dealer and collector of non-hazardous waste.

Our products

- titanium,
- highly alloyed steels with a content of nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium (hard metal),
- nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, niobium, bronze (glass Al), tin, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium,
- ground waste plastic (ABS, PA, PC),
- steel scrap,
- stainless scrap.


Odpadni titan

Waste form: pieces, shavings and dust

Packaging: bags or bulk for scrap iron and stainless steel

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