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The sandblasting program includes steel granulate in the form of chips and balls and glass beads.

Steel sandblasting media is the most commonly used abrasive for cleaning, removing impurities and improving the metal surface.

• Exceptional durability
• Fast process of abrasion of metal surfaces
• Possibility of recycling and reuse
• It is used both in sandblasting in sandblasting machines and in pneumatic (air) sandblasting

Specific weight:  min. 7300 kg/m3

GS   390-530HV (40-51 Hz)
GP   480-550HV (45-52Hz)
GL   600-700 HV (52-56Hz)
GH   min. 700HV (min. 60Hz)

Chemical structure of the granulate:
C     0,8 – 1,2 %
Si     min 0,4%
Mn   0,6 – 1,2 %
S       max 0,05%
P       max 0,05%

Our products

Glass beads are a round non-ferrous abrasive blasting media most commonly used for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum surfaces. Due to their round shape, glass beads are ideal for non-aggressive and very precise cleaning of surfaces and are one of the most commonly used abrasive media.



Size (Size): 0-50µm, 40-70µm, 70-110µm, 90-150µm, 100-200µm, 150-250µm, 200-300µm, 300-400µm, 425-850µm

Chemical structure (Chemical analysis):
SiO2: 68,00-75,00%
Na2O: 12,00-18,00%
CaO: 7,00-12,00%
MgO: max. 5,00%
Al2O3: max. 2,50%
K2O: max. 1,50%
Fe2O3: max. 0,50%

Steel balls are used to clean impurities, remove scale and prepare the metal surface for further processes. The round shape of the steel balls creates a clean, smooth and polished surface with the help of flaking, which is created by striking the balls against the metal surface. The size of the steel balls determines the final metal surface - the smaller the balls, the more detailed the metal surface is prepared.



The sales program includes steel balls: S230, S280, S330, S390,S460, S550, S660, S780

The steel chip is ideal for more aggressive cleaning of metal surfaces. A steel chip will quickly remove many surface impurities from steel and other metal surfaces. It is very durable and does not break easily. The angular nature of the steel chip creates a micro-etched surface on the metal that allows for good adhesion to paint, epoxy resin, enamel, rubber and other coatings.



The sales program includes steel chips: GH120, GH80, GH50, GH40, GH25, GH18, GH16, GH14, GP25, GP18, GP16, GL25, GL18, GL16

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