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Cored wire

Cored wire is used for alloying melts in the steel, foundry and other metallurgical industries.

Compared to standard melt alloying, the alloying process with a cored wire has the advantage of providing high precision and ease of alloying, greater safety of the process itself, and optimizing the consumption of alloying materials. The alloying process with cored wire thus enables full adaptation to the desired quality requirements, while at the same time reducing the cost of the alloying process compared to the standard process.

The advantage of our cored wire compared to the competition is the automated production system, which allows mixing/dosing of up to 8 elements with an accuracy of +/- 0.2% on every 20 m of wire. Depending on the needs of the user, we can offer different diameters of filled wires in dimensions 9 mm - 13 mm and 16 mm, different fillings - with different chemical compositions and different layouts/orientations of the reels.

Our products

1. Nodulators

Mg, FeSiMg, FeSi + Mg, FeSi + Mg + FeSiRe, FeSiMg + Mg, FeSi + FeSiMg+Mg + FeSiRe, FeSi + FeSiMg + Mg

2. Vaccines

FeSi, FeSiBa, FeSiZr, FeSiSr

1. Modifiers

FeCa, AlFeCa, SiCa, AlCaSi, CaSiBa

2. Steel preparation and process improvement

Carbon, Aluminium, Calcium cyanamide, Nitrovane

3. Noble ferroalloys

FeB, FeNb, Ti Sponge, FeTi, FeMo, FeV

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