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Evropski sklad za regionalni razvoj


Steel balls are used to clean impurities, remove scale and prepare the metal surface for further processes.

The round shape of the steel balls creates a clean, smooth and polished surface with the help of flaking, which is created by striking the balls against the metal surface.

Chemical structure of granules:


  • S 390-530HV (40-51 Hz)

Price:   from 60,00 EUR


Product Size in mm Price for unit in EUR Packaging
SHOT - S230 0,600 60,00 bag
SHOT - S280 0,710 60,00 bag
SHOT - S330 0,850 60,00 bag
SHOT - S390 1,100 60,00 bag
SHOT - S460 1,180 60,00 bag
SHOT - S550 1,400 60,00 bag
SHOT - S660 1,700 60,00 bag
SHOT - S780 2,000 60,00 bag

The price is without VAT (VAT is 22%)
Delivery terms: own collection - Valorem d.o.o. warehouse, Zaloška Gorica 3a, 3301 Petrovče
Packaging: bag
Minimum quantity: 25 kg/bag

Terms of payment:
100% payment in advance
100% payment by credit card

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